How Digital Performance Evaluation Can Help You Spot your Rising Stars

How Digital Performance Evaluation Can Help You Spot your Rising Stars

Spotting Rising Stars in Your Company with Digital Performance Evaluation
It’s unfortunate when one of your top-performing employees turns in their resignation and plans to work for one of your competitors. When this happens, it’s a sign that your organization is failing to spot rising stars in your team. It’s time to reassess your current performance evaluation metrics to retain your best employees and create a culture that attracts top talent.

Digital performance evaluation might be exactly what you need. This evaluation system provides data-driven metrics to HR managers and business owners for accurate employee evaluation. It’s the best tool to boost employee engagement and fuel motivation!

Understanding the Benefits of Digital Performance Evaluation
Technology has introduced us to digital performance evaluation. Even a staffing agency would recommend you to shun traditional annual performance reviews and switch to an online evaluation. It’s a much more systematic framework for feedback.

Digital evaluation makes it easier for the management to follow a continuous style. Harvard business review says that more than one-third of companies in the USA have implemented frequent performance review cycles among their employees and managers.

Have a look at the benefits of this modern evaluation system:

View the workplace dynamics beforehand
This system allows the management to identify the highs and lows within the workplace dynamics. Managers won’t have to wait for an annual review to examine the performance of their team. The management can act on the issues brought up after the review and create a plan to improve things before the next review.

Better decision making
Online performance evaluation offers data that HR managers and top management can evaluate to make better decisions and able to guide employees towards their individual goals based on the data gathered.

Employee retention and motivation
Regular and systematic performance evaluation coupled with feedback cycles is an important ingredient for individual growth. You can also build a feedback system into your organization’s culture. When employees get continuous feedback about their performance, it gives them the satisfaction that their efforts are being recognized. This boosts motivation and the employees decide to stay with the organization.

How Can It Help Identify Rising Stars In Your Team
Now let’s understand how a digital performance evaluation system can help the organization spot employees with great potential.

Peer review results
What are the qualities of a leader? They are influential and they have great interpersonal skills. Peer view results help you identify who those rising stars with leadership skills are. Find out how their peers of an employee in question perceive them in terms of leadership, teamwork, and quality output. The employees with the highest potentials are those who can influence others with their personality and dedication without force or politics.

KPI Progress
Of course, you can’t just rely on what others have to say, it’s important to access their KPI and OKP progress. How effectively they can complete their tasks, identify the ones who are eager to take up more tasks, and how they are contributing to the overall performance of the company.

Managers’ and upwards reviews
Digital performance evaluation also generates upward reviews and manager reviews. Upwards review is the feedback from the employee about their supervisor. Manager’s review is the feedback of the manager of their team member. It’s important to look at both types of feedback.

Upward reviews let you know who among your employees thinks critically and what their perceptions are when it comes to good leadership. Through both types of reviews, the HR managers will be able to identify the rising stars, the slow performers, and the managers who are slacking off in their duties.

What To Do After Spotting the Rising Stars
So let’s say the HR management has been able to successfully identify the top performers via online performance evaluation. What to do next to make sure they remain motivated and stay with the organization?

Rising stars expect their organization to treat them well. They expect to be provided with simulating work, compelling career paths, lots of recognition, and a chance to prosper. They want their employer to appreciate their high level of contributions.

If they are not given what they desire, they become disengaged, reduce their effort and start looking for new employment opportunities. The only way to keep them is to link their individual goals to the organization’s goal and letting them help solve the biggest problems of the company. Meet with your top performances to make sure they are getting the right development opportunities. Perhaps create employee recognition or rewards programs to keep their morale high.

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