Want to start an ISP you can expand Get the ISP License

Want to start an ISP you can expand Get the ISP License

ISP License is one type of license that most business-minded don’t shy away from. What’s the reason behind this non-shyness This article will inform you about just that. One of the many questions that entrepreneurs with money in their pocket face are this What type of business can expand the fastest Answering those questions, people like me try to focus the attention of such entrepreneurs with some hard facts:

  • Internet is the fastest growing business in India.
  • Its customers are increasing alongside the rise in the number of people populating India.
  • As the new devices are getting more connected, their potential to have internet is also increasing.

With the above three factors in mind, you can guess what business can gain the most expansion. It’s the Internet Service Provider company that has the potential to gain customers, retain them and with time, expand its operation and expand that customer base as well. For that purpose, the best legal document you need right now is the ISP license.

Why attempt to get ISP License
Why use the word attempt Think of it as an innocent mistake for now (it’s not), for we are going to revisit it after you’ve understood why you should get ISP license in India:

Long Validity: When you pay the ISP License cost, you pay it once every 20 years. Yes. Like the trademark certification, an ISP license also has a long lifespan. Once you get it, you can sweep aside your worries about losing the license (if you conduct your business ethically) for twenty years.

No impact of policy changes: When you sign an ISP license agreement, the terms you’re signing on are immutable – they cannot change with time. Thus, if there are some policy changes in the ISP, it won’t have any impact on the validity of the license.

Complete control over the how-to-provide internet: Like a VNO, an ISP has to buy the bandwidth and resell it to the subscribers. However, unlike a virtual network operator, a standard ISP can implement its own network, resources, time-frame, and equipment to provide internet services to the subscribers. That way, paying the ISP license cost means that you get what you’re paying for – which is basically complete control over the services you provide.

Power of franchisee: An ISP can franchisee to other internet service providers and even VNOs. By franchising your brand and your services, you can easily expand your business throughout the country.

These are the reasons that you should convince you to attempt to obtain ISP License India.

Obtaining the ISP License in India
How to get ISP License in India? In this section, you’ll come face to face with the answer to that question. Then you’ll know why you’d merely be attempting to get the license if you’re on your own.

  • First, you need to incorporate your company
  • Then, you need to call a general body meeting and pass a resolution to start an ISP.
  • With the board resolution and other essential documents in India, you’ll apply for the ISP license via online registration mode.
  • Along with the application, you’ll be required to pay the ISP license price for processing.
  • The department will process the application. Upon finding everything to be in order, it will send you a letter of intent.
  • After receiving the LOI, you’d find out about the performance bank guarantees and the financial bank guarantees; you’d know about the amount you’re required to deposit in the bank.
  • After you’ve deposited the bank guarantees, you’ll receive the ISP license

Turning your attempt successful
From company incorporation to fulfilling the bank guarantee requirements, you’d need the following professionals by your side:

  • Chartered Accountants
  • ISP experts
  • Company Secretaries

Without them, forget getting the license, even filing the application would prove to be immensely challenging. Thus, to turn your attempt successful, you’d need an ISP license consultant team. Combining the professionals of all the three aforementioned domains, the team provides you services that start when you come to us with the requirements, and end when you’re completely satisfied.

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