Lab Created Diamond vs Natural Diamond

Lab Created Diamond vs Natural Diamond

Lab-created diamonds are also known as synthetic diamonds, meaning they are created artificially in a lab environment and not by natural forces. Lab-created diamonds have the same chemical properties, optical properties, and physical properties as natural diamonds. The only difference between natural diamonds and lab-created diamonds is their origin.

Natural diamonds are created deep within the earth in a process that takes millions of years. The diamond’s journey starts in the upper mantle, where carbon atoms are heated to extreme temperatures and pressurized over one million times higher than that at sea level. This extreme pressure and heat force the carbon atoms to bond into a crystalline atomic arrangement called graphite. The carbon atoms remain in this bonded state within the earth until they are shoved to the surface by volcanic eruptions. Once the carbon atoms reach the earth’s surface, they are exposed to extreme heat and pressure from plate tectonics. This causes them to bond together into a harder structure called lonsdaleite, which is a modified version of graphite. This material is then forced deep down into the earth, where it is subjected to further intense heat and pressure. This process occurs over thousands of years. Eventually, the diamonds reach a depth of 150 to 200 miles beneath the earth’s surface. The extreme temperature and pressure force them to bond into another atomic structure called a diamond. The journey from graphite to diamond can take millions of years.

Lab-created diamonds, on the other hand, are created in a lab environment in a matter of days to months. They are created by forcing carbon atoms to bond at extremely high temperatures and pressures into a crystalline atomic arrangement called graphite. This direction process is then repeated over and over again until the carbon atoms form a diamond.

Should You Buy a Lab Diamond or a Natural Diamond
For most customers, the only reason to buy a lab diamond is if they are on a limited budget. Lab-created diamonds cost one-tenth to one-twentieth of a natural diamond, which makes them the perfect option for those looking for an affordable treat.

Today’s lab diamonds are so close to natural diamonds that even the most trained eye can't tell them apart. For this reason, many companies offer special jewelry that allows you to enjoy your lab diamond as often as you would like without the worry of damaging it.

If you are on a budget and want to treat yourself to a luxury item, or if you want to present the gift of an affordable luxury item, then lab-created diamonds may be right for you if you can afford them.

Lab-created diamonds are significantly less expensive than natural diamonds. LAB diamonds are clean and flawless; they have been created in a lab environment to be as close to natural as possible.

Lab diamonds look exactly like natural diamonds, and they are more affordable but still give the perfect illusion of a diamond engagement ring. You can use them for weddings, communions, engagements, or simply treat yourself to your favorite gemstone that will always remind you of its special moment.

In the 1970s, gemstones held the same value as gold. Today, they are more worthless than gold. According to the US Geological Survey, gemstones are defined as a mineral valued for their beauty and rarity. Lab-created diamonds are not rare. However, because they look so much like natural diamonds and can be used in the same settings as natural diamonds, lab-created diamonds have become valuable. If you have a budget, lab-created diamonds are the perfect way to save money and spend it on something you love. Though they are more affordable than natural diamonds, they still represent much higher quality.

Lab-created diamonds are environmentally friendly. Natural diamonds require enormous amounts of energy, which is why they are mined in ways that take out the vast majority of labor and raw materials from the process. This includes deforestation, pollution, water contamination, and human rights violations. Lab-created diamonds do not require these resources for their creation. They require less power and energy than natural diamonds. This means that lab-created diamonds must be more environmentally friendly than natural diamonds because they are created in a clean environment.

Lab-created diamonds are identical physical, chemical, and optical properties to natural diamonds. The only difference between mined diamonds and lab-created diamonds is where they were created. If you want to save money or don’t have the funds to buy a real diamond, then lab-created diamonds are perfect for you.

Lab-created Diamonds come in various colors like red, blue, yellow, brown, etc. Real diamonds are usually white or colorless. They are also cut along a specific pattern which makes them appear flawless. Some lab-created diamonds are formulated to look like natural diamonds, maybe even better.

Mining Free
In the past, natural diamonds required several other resources like water and minerals to make. Now, a lab-created diamond can be made with the simplest of equipment in a clean and environmentally friendly environment. They also don’t need water and energy to do this anymore.

Purchase Lab-Grown Diamonds of the Highest Quality
Offer the widest variety of lab-grown diamonds. We encourage you to browse the collection of manmade diamonds and see what you like. Lab-grown diamonds are perfect for people that don’t have the funds for a natural diamond of their own. Lab-grown diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as real diamonds, which makes them perfect for jewelry. Select rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, and platinum diamond engagement rings.

Buy lab-grown diamonds from India
Lab-created diamonds are growing in popularity worldwide. We are glad to show you the best selection of manmade diamonds at affordable prices. They appear flawless and give the illusion of a naturally created diamond stone. CVD Diamond Manufacturer is also perfect for people with a budget that needs a beautiful diamond for their loved one’s wedding ring or engagement ring. They look exactly like natural diamond stones, but they cost less.

Lab-created diamonds come in various colors like red, blue, yellow, brown, etc. You can buy lab-grown diamonds online, which is perfect for people that looking for a diamond at an affordable price. You may also be able to receive a discount if you buy a bulk order of lab-grown diamonds from wholesalers in India

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