You have to visit the 10 best places in Norway

You have to visit the 10 best places in Norway

In Norway, you will visit so many of the best locations. In other words, you have in the very northern part of the Troms, on the west shores of Alesund and beautiful small places like Flåm, deep in the hills.

Norwegian culture is clearly as fascinating and glamorous as it is, with an amazing diversity that reaches well beyond its beautiful scenography.

There is a bit of Norwegian culture that everyone will appreciate, from Sami in the north with their historic cultural practices to cosmopolitan culture from Oslo.

I wanted to share some of the best places in Norway tour packages without wandering around just about every cultural spot.

1.) Drive the Atlanterhavsveien
The Atlanterhavsveien is a beautiful and impressive ride to one of the best places in Norway. The Atlantic Path is known in English.

It's a perfect place to fly by day linking Norway's mainland with the lovely island of Averøya. Make sure you also visit the Church of Kvernes Stave. He is about six hundred years old and one of the oldest in the area.

Ensure that the Storseisundet Bridge keeps your eyes peeling.

2.) See the beautiful Hamnøy
Hamnøy is well-known in Lofoten around the world for its stunning scenery and untouched beauty and why. Perhaps one of Norway's best places – it's a destination to which you certainly can go without hesitation.

Make sure you visit the small Hamnøy fishing town, the oldest in Lofoten. It is a very good spot to not miss perched on the edge of the Reinefjord (fjord).

It also looks the same in the day as in the night, particularly when you see the lights in the north.

3.) Visit the tiny village of Reine
One of Norway's best locations – Reine is great for photos. It is actually part of the Lofoten archipelago and islands that have made the place so splendid nestled on Moskenesøya island.

Wrap up warmly (with several layers) and head to Bunes Beach, particularly at night for an amazing experience. Find a nice venue, sit back and look over you on the sandy beach, and dancing to Northern Lights. This is truly an unforgettable experience.

4.) Explore Bergen
Bergen is a wonderful town and a city full of history. Make sure you walk through the Bryggen wooden and crooked docks (a UNESCO-protected site).

Ride the Fløibanen (funicular), walkthrough paths, and paths that cross over mountain tops to watch the best sunset across the city.

5.) Find the best coffee in Oslo
Oslo is, to me at least, a surprising place. The core of the City is incredibly small, but it is actually full of a heap of unique shops, beautiful art, and some emblematic buildings.

Visit the Norwegian Opera & Ballet that looks unbelievable at the sunset. Visit the Norwegian Cultural History Museum and cruise on the Oslo Fjord in the afternoon.

For the very best coffee they know all about high-quality roasts, go to Tim Wendelboe literally.

6.) Discover the spa boat Arctic Circle
Yup, that's right, you head! In the Arctic Circle, there is a dedicated spa boat to hop on and explore more of Norway's best spots. It is the best place in Tromso to make online reservations and arrive before the boat leaves in plenty of time.

The best part about the cruise, which is known as the Vulcana, is that it's completely comfortable and one of my best spa breaks. I say, where can you dive into a hot tub, take a steam room, relax in a sauna, and watch whales from the deck while crossing the Arctic Circle. Where can you go?

7.) Hike Pulpit Rock
From Pulpit Rock, you're almost sure of one of Norway's best views. I say it's one of Norway's best locations – with the views across the fjord, in particular. Now, it took about 4-5 hours for the walk (return), but it actually depends on how easy and fit.

The walk is also very incredible, just be prepared for the weather and be extra vigilant as soon as you reach the end. Walkers died, especially in high winds, falling off the border.

8.) Spot puffins on Runde Island
Runde Island is one of Norway's most beautiful and best places to visit – especially on a small island. You can sail straight from Alesund town on a RIB boat that's perfect if you're small.

You can also drive on one of the bridges if you want to keep your feet on dry soil. Make sure you visit the puffins. You'll spot thousands of fortunate people in and around this untouched countryside.

9.) Visit the Briksdalsbreen Glacier
The Briksdalsbreen Glacier is probably one of the easiest visits to Stryn and is really one of the best places to see in Norway. In fact, the glacier itself is an "offshoot" or arm of the larger Jostedalsbreen glacier (but harder to get to). So, maybe look for another route/glacier if you are looking for a challenge.

As I said, It's a pretty easy glacier to see if you have some of the most difficult hikes in Norway, especially because of the troll cars that take you to the top. It is 45-60 minutes to the glacier if you plan to hike.

10.) Find polar bears in Svalbard
Longyearbyen is a pleasant little location, situated on the island of Spitsbergen in Svalbard (even by Norwegian standards). Located high in the Arctic, this is a stunningly wild, and spectacular spot to explore.

From here you can take you deeper into the islands to locate polar bears on a variety of designated and responsible tours. Also, ensure that you visit the Museum of the North Poles and see the intimate Gallery Svalbard that exhibits local art.

Go to Gruvelageret, known for their delicious dishes, to make some delicious grub.

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