9 places to visit in SRI LANKA

9 places to visit in SRI LANKA

The variety you get here is one of the best things on this island. We all have mountains, waterfalls, trees, fields, lakes, valleys, and beaches for such a little landmass. Desert and snow are the only ecosystems we currently have. Actually. Actually.

Yala National Park Safari
Yala is the location for nature lovers in Sri Lanka tour packages, the habitat of the thickest population of leopards. You'd find 44 different animals and 215 birds, ranging from elephant stocks to bundles of frisky felines, sambhurs, sloth bears, and spotted deers. The dry and moist mizuna forests, marshlands, grasslands, and sandy beaches are part of its ecology, so crocs will be found in the region. The land is split into five blocks of approximately 130,000 hectares, of which only 2 are available to the public.

Nine Arches Bridge
The Nine Arches Bridge is known as Ahas pada lama in Sinhala and is entirely made of stone — no steel is involved. The Ahas Namaye pada lama is known to me from what I saw, because of the view you can see when you stand below: nine portals where you can see the sky looking upwards. You can see it from the bridge of nine skies.

The place is set in Ella, so it is the best time to go on a holiday and take a look at it.

Casuarina Beach
Sunny blue waters and bleached sands overcrowded by its namesake Casuarina trees, Casuarina beach is one of the most pleasant beaches just off Jaffna. You might wallow in the waters near the shore or talk with a fishing boat (there are some daily boat rides right there) and bring it to a reef a few kilometers away. This is an experience of surrealism in itself since the water is as deep as your knees or your chest. It is a land far away at sea.

The beach is on the island of Karainagar which can be reached via the Ponnalai causeway from the mainland (AB17). The route is stunning, with thousands of saltpans and water on both sides.

Aberdeen Falls
But deep is a must-see if you travel through this area with a hop and a skip away from Laxapana. It is also worth visiting because the views from one of the main pools are simply incredible. You are not especially interested in it.

It has two 'pools' standing 322 feet deep, the more stunning the one is on the bottom right. The piscine in the middle are treacherously deep, and the rocks that lead down to them are also unbelievably mossy and thin.

Adam's Peak
This is not just a hiking mountain to conquer also known as Sri Pada: it is a pilgrimage for many. The Sri Pada 'season' begins in December and ends in December and ends each month. This is a long and difficult climb along the most popular road with thousands of steps – but you've got six paths to choose from, some that take you through a little bit of broth for a day.

The rock formation at the summit is believed to be the footprint for many (all right, probably two) a religious figure, and Buddhists think it was a print of the Lord Buddha and Muslims and Christians believe it was Adam. What is self-described by the name

Ella Rock
Mountain lifts (particularly in Ella) are nothing but amazing; we suggest that you start your day at an early stage. With panoramic views of Ella Gap and of Little Adam's Peak, this hike is a tough uphill ascent, in which you can be sure to get lost between the tea estates, the hills, and the tall shrubs if you have no guide.

I hate overusing adjectives, but Hanne is one of the best walks you would get (although that happens whenever you're in a scenic mountain). You definitely feel like you're in the wilderness, just a few minutes from Kandy, a chaotic, urban mess; you can return to civilization quite quickly. It's only a little challenging. Towards sunset it gets cold and chilly, so wrap it up to keep cozy.

Sigiriya is, in every sense of the word, a Rock Fortress in which one of our patricidal kings of yesterday holed up. It is a local and international favorite from its waterways and ponds located right at the top to the frescos and mirrors that lead to it.

I have learned, thanks to Indi, that... the rock itself is a volcanic plug. That means that it is essentially the core of a volcano that exists. In a volcano, Magma hardened, mainly stopped it. Then over millions of years, the mountain around it eroded and abandoned it.

Paducah is one of the best locations in the country to catch a beach sunrise. It is also highly touristy, with plenty of luxurious beach resorts overlooking the sea. Obviously, the main attraction is the sea, but if you want to the hobby, it is there too. Apparently, near 600 years old, Mari Amma Kovil is an understated temple that is very popular among the residents.

It is difficult to pick 9 of all that is here, especially in areas where more dark and unexplored areas are popular tourist attractions. Bear in mind, there are many more places to visit and to check out, but we are looking forward to seeing Sri Lanka offering this list. Please let us know what your favorite visas are!

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