Top 8 International Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

Top 8 International Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

It has been a legend that for disobedience, a king of Java banned his son. He saw him go away and he went on a journey on the ground before he vanished into the horizon. The seas came there and came into being what we now know as Bali Island. The Island is situated a few degrees south of Ecuador and belongs to the Republic of Indonesia. This is 140 km long and 90 km wide with 3 million inhabitants. Often known as the Island of the Products, Bali is a tropical paradise with spectacular white sandy beaches, stunning natural surrounding areas, and more than 10,000 temples. Thousands of temples can be found on the island.

Do you dream of enjoying the natural scenery of your honeymoon, the wild beaches and the major cities, and shopping? All of that and more is what Malaysia offers one of South East Asia's most popular tourist destinations. If you have not cleared the place of your honeymoon, don't skip this article on a country that has a lot to offer and doesn't leave you indifferent.

There are different areas, cultures, and even climates in this country. His capital is the modernist city Kuala Lumpur. Besides the important areas of natural parks, such as the central part of Taman Negara and the islands Penang and Langkawi, which are major tourist attractions, you can visit important Peninsular cities. The Cameron Highlands can't be missed, the highlands where a mild climate can be enjoyed due to their height and tea plantations.

In Malaysia, you find the most luxurious resorts to enjoy this country's rest and leisure. The nightlife of their major cities is thrilling, and many visitors shop in their exclusive shopping malls. However, you cannot sacrifice their local markets that thrill you with the colors and aromas of exotic items. And don't forget that food is an important part of a country, so you can't go away without trying its unbelievable flavors, its tropical fruits, in particular.

The desert's artificial oasis. The Emirate of Dubai is one of the world's most prosperous places today, which is demonstrated by its impressive buildings. A real resort that offers its guests the most exquisite facilities. Dubai has been a mixture of tradition and modernity as the city has expanded over the past decade. The Burj Dubai with over 820 meters in height is the tallest building on the earth. Dubai's influence is evidenced by its outstanding architecture. The Palm Islands are another draw. The palm-shaped surface, built up on top of the sea, is spread across the coastline of Dubai.

The Maldives, a group of islands situated 770 kilometers south of India and Sri Lanka, is one of the few places on Earth in the natural state of their country. With 270,000 people, there are just 199 islands, 88 of which are predominantly tourist destinations (2 of them still under construction).

The island resorts, surrounded by sunny white sandy beaches and crystal clear lagoons enclosed by coral reefs, have been founded in harmony with nature. The capital is Male, the most populated island by far, in your Maldives Honeymoon Tour packages. Hulu, another island one kilometer from Male, is the international airport.

Singapore is a country of 63 islands in South-east Asia and one of Asia's best places to enjoy a romantic honeymoon.

A country with a lot of development in recent years and a large mix of cultures with an impressive skyscraper, which offers tourists as much atmosphere and animation as tranquility in the greenery.

Fiji Islands
Fiji consists of hundreds of South Pacific volcanic and coral islands. They are largely uninhabited, with untouched nature hundreds of kilometers. You can ride through its canyons and jungles, swim between corals where tropical fish are found, or you can relax on deserted beaches. There are also interesting historical, cultural, and urban choices in the city.

Viti Levu, the largest island, is home to most Fijians. Travel to Suva, the capital and largest city of Fiji, on your Fiji Honeymoon Packages. Go for a sightseeing walk in the streets and visit the Fiji Museum to enjoy their archaeological treasures by seeing many colonial buildings. HMS Bounty's helm is one of the best-known items in this museum. The motherboard, led by Christian Fletcher, became known in this boat.

Surprising Turkey
The exotic and glamorous locations in Turkey are one of the most romantic honeymoon travel opportunities in the world. Our packages include an every-day buffet breakfast, private guided tours, and a lot of free time for the bride and groom, all for Honeymoon in Turkey.

You can take a trip into Cappadocia's magical area or linger in the luxurious hotels and nightclubs of Istanbul with your honeymoon days. Our 8-day lunch kit is split into the Topkapi Palace, San Sophia Museums, and Grand Bazaar between Istanbul and Cappadocia. Cappadocia is renowned for its impressive natural rock formation, one of our most popular destinations.

The Indian Ocean Island, situated in south-eastern India, is separated by the Palk Canal from this island. The relief is flat except for a central region of the mountains. These elevations divide the island into two clearly defined segments and act as a barrier to the monsoon winds that decide the country's tropical climate.

Sri Lanka is a jewel in the form of a stray tear south of India, a stunning description of development with numerous charms that one can hardly escape from the witnesses of the lost reigns, the customs and traditions alive, the long white beaches, luxuriant vegetation with palm trees and tea plantations.

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