IP1 License to Start Infrastructure As a Service

IP1 License to Start Infrastructure As a Service

For every cloud service, there is a server hosting it. For every server, there is a requirement for ventilation and wiring. For every wiring, there is a requirement of the right of way. Thus, it’s safe to say that without the passive and nonelectrical resources like ventilation, wiring, and right of way, cloud services, which are now mistakenly known as infrastructure as a service, aren’t possible.

So what can we observe from this context? it’s that our Infrastructure as a service hinges on passive infrastructure resources. Thus, industries offering IaaS need passive infrastructure as service providers.

How to start such a business of providing passive infrastructure Financially, you need to be able to produce and provide a right of way, towers, duct space, and wiring. Legally, you require the IP1 License

Thus, in this article, we are going to touch the surface of the topic of Ip1 License to start infra as a service. It would be enough to give you a taste. However, read till the end to know who can help you get it.

What is IP1 License
IP1 license is the license to set up an infrastructure provider company to rent or lease passive infrastructure such as:

  1. Right of way
  2. Duct Space
  3. Towers
  4. Dark Fibres

The Department of Telecommunication issues IP 1 License. Let’s now dive into the process of getting the license.

IP1 License procedure in detail
To acquire the IP1 license, you have the option to choose between an offline or online Ip1 application form. The details that you’re required to fill in the application is as follows;

  1. Name of the company
  2. The objective of the company
  3. the infrastructure that you provide
  4. Telecom companies that you want to establish an agreement with.
  5. Details about the telecom resources.

The details you need to fill in go deeper than what e have explained above. Thus, it’s better to not give up on assistance from DOT consultants. For they can file the application on your behalf help you with the other parts of the Ip1 license procedure such as:

  1. Incorporating your company
  2. Preparation of the required documents.
  3. Submitting the application to the DOT whether online or offline
  4. Conducting follow-ups with the Department of Telecommunication.
  5. Monitoring the status of your application.
  6. Providing your assistance if the DOT encounters something wrong with the license.

Documents required for IP1 license
Following are the documents required to apply for a license to become an infrastructure provider in India:

  1. Certificate of incorporation of the company
  2. MOA and AOA
  3. PAN Card of the company
  4. List of infrastructure you’re providing
  5. List of directors of the company
  6. List of shareholders of the company
  7. Demand draft of INR 5000/- (the processing fee)

Infrastructure provider of passive telecom resources is the reason for virtual resources like cloud computing to exist. So, if you want to indirectly become part of IaaS, choose to become an infrastructure provider. Become the foundation of digital India by providing passive telecom resources. start the licensing process today. This blog details the Ip1 license procedure along with other details about IP license. Read to know more.

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