WPC certificate Its Requirement Process and Documents

WPC certificate Its Requirement Process and Documents

WPC Certificate is an authorized issued by Wireless Planning Commission to those who want to import wireless products working in licensed and delicensed frequencies. WPC is an underlying department of DOT or Department of Telecommunication. When it comes to licenses, the WPC license is as niche as it gets. This specific license is needed for wireless and Bluetooth products like:

  1. Wireless keyboards
  2. Wireless mouse
  3. Wireless telecom equipment
  4. Wi-Fi routers,
  5. and other wireless products that work in licensed and delicensed bands.

Through this article, we are going to look into the eligibility criteria for obtaining the license, the process that it entails, and the documents that the process requires.

WPC Certificate: What is it
WPC Certificate is just a term popularized to hide the complexity of the original term, Equipment Type Approval. To import wireless equipment, you must first get the product tested by the WPC. The Wireless Planning Commission runs an RF test on it to find out the frequency that it works on:

  1. If it works within the licensed frequency bands, you’d need to get WPC ETA approval.
  2. If the product works under the de-licensed frequency bands, you’d still need to get a WPC certificate for importing it. However, you can do so using self-certification – a much less complicated process.
  3. If the product is working within license-free bands, your product will fall under the equipment type approval exemption. It does not need approval from the commission.

What are the other cases in which there is an exemption from equipment type approval?
Working within the licensed free band is not the only criteria for your product to not need the ETA approval. If the product is made in India, or the product is already working on a frequency that the commission has already approved of, no license is required.

Eligibility criteria to get the WPC Certificate
WPC Certification India is an authorization only given to those who follow the strict eligibility restrictions set by the Wireless Planning Commission.

  1. The applicant must either be an Authorized Indian Representative or the subsidiary company of the foreign company whose products are being imported.
  2. The applicant must be of sound mind.

The process of getting a WPC certificate
WPC Certificate full form Wireless planning commission certificate can be obtained by filing the application and complying to further instructions. The steps are as follows:

  1. Preparing the documents required beforehand.
  2. Filing the online application and submitting the documents required
  3. The wireless planning commission will then scrutinize your application and your documents.
  4. If the application is found to be filed correctly and the documents are found to be in the right order, the RF test will begin.
  5. If the RF test tells the WPC that your product works within the allowed frequency bands, you’ll obtain the WPC certificate.

Documents required to get WPC certificate
If you want to make it to the WPC eta list, you should attach the right documents to your application. They are:

  1. Authorization letter to authorize the AIR to deal with the application process
  2. Certificate of incorporation
  3. List of the product(s) to be imported
  4. Specification of those wireless products.
  5. RF test report

From your end, all that the WPC certification process entails is applying. But to get it accepted, you must put together the right documents and correct details in the application. This is why you should accept help when it comes your way. Why do we say this? We are offering to help you. We can fulfill your WPC certification needs if you start today. This straightforward title will lead you to a straightforward blog about the nuances of WPC certification.

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